Who we are

We are people who love Greece. We make our thoughts and we design our products based on this. Having creating our first ideas in 1986, we play a key role in home linens and accessories for many markets. Our value offerings are characterized by quality, functionality and Greek style.
Internally, we give emphasis in all of our tangible, intangible and human resources from which we derive core competencies for sustainable competitive advantages. The most important are:

  • In-home marketing mix and designing of value offerings.
  • Strong supply chain network.
  • Customization of products according customer’s needs.
  • Flexible customer-support activities.

We achieve our goals in accordance with our mission by differentiating and focusing. These strategic approaches reflect the tone, style and content of our business.




We  offer innovating and stylish products to furnish homes with Greek retro,  artistic and luxury home linens and accessories that deliver great customer value.



Our People

We are Greeks who work as a team for you.  A traditional fabric-art effort of people that love Greece, focus on culture, respect history and produce memorable art on decorative fabrics.




We are commited to our values:

  • Responsibility for quality
  • Excellent customer satisfaction
  • Integrity and honesty in business
  • Sensitivity to environment
  • Appraisal of fresh ideas




We align the  customer needs with the societal needs through our societal marketing approach:

  • Organic products
  • Okotex standards in fabrics of products
  • Eco-friendly paints of fabrics
  • Recyclable product packaging